see you in zaoqiang!
Free tour to
Zaoqiang 枣强
in October
An unprecedented compensation program for visiting China famous winter clothes production base in Zaoqiang.
Do not miss the chance to find the latest popular designs at the best prices. Find business partners and new friends.
Also get CASH bonus;)


Zaoqiang is very famous in China for its winter clothes and fur clothes wholesale markets and factories.

The closest largest city is Shijiazhuang.

Compensation program
Free transport:
1)Roundtrip flight ticket or high-speed train tickets 2nd class to Shijiazhuang (石家庄) or Jinan (济南) up to 1000 rmb
2)Free roundtrip transfer from Shijiazhuang or Jinan to Zaoqiang
Hotel and meals
FREE 2 nights at a 4* hotel in Zaoqiang. Single Room.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner all included and FREE.
Cash bonus
Cash bonus 400 rmb will be transferred to you after taking part in the program
You can join event, if:
You are NOT STUDENT visa holder
You are from the following countries:
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova
Central and Northern Europe
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates
Brief program
Day 1
Arrive to Shijiazhuang and get free bus transfer to Zaoqiang. Check in hotel.
Day 2
Visiting of Zaoqiang winter clothes markets/factories
Day 3
Attending market/factory. Checking out of hotel before 12 at noon. Free transfer to Shijiazhuang and going back home.
See you in our next business trip!
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Which hotel will we stay at?
How was it before?
We have already arranged more than 800 free business trips in China. Don't miss your chance to join the limited offer event and bring your friend;)
Why should I upload my passport?
A hotel is booked for each participant, transport is compensated. For this you need to provide passport data. A visa is needed to confirm the corresponding status of the participant. Currently, participants with student visa cannot participate.
Why is everything free?
Local authorities of different regions in China together with us are interested in promoting their producers and raising the export. That's why we organize fairs and provide budget for attracting of foreign buyers. We use the budget to cover your hotel expenses, transportation, meals and/or provide you cash subsidy, in order to create comfortable conditions for attending a fair.
    Are there any hidden charges or extra expenses?
    Nope. All of your extra expenses are only related with your personal interests, for instance, sightseeing, visiting bars, clubs, etc.
      Do I have to buy anything at the fair?
        What is cash subsidy/bonus?
        The amount of money that we pay you within 1-10 days after the exhibition / tour for participation in our group. We transfer the cash subsidy to your wechat, Alipay, bank card.
        I want to go. What should I do?
        1) Press button REGISTER NOW

        2) Fill out the form

        3) We add you to the wechat group where you can see further updates