See you on december 6th!
Hainan International Youth Festival
Join us in the 4th Edition of the Biggest Expats Festival in China. Enjoy the pool party & Youth Water Games in 7 Star Hotel Atlantis in Sanya, race against your friends in the Bubble Colour Run, have fun water in the Beach Water carnaval, throw your hands in the air while the DJs are dropping the bass, explore new places of interest and more!
The Story

International Youth Festival
is the biggest expats festival in China. The third edition of International Youth Festival will be held in Hainan, Lingshui this year. Hainan Government wants to promote the local tourism internationally, they seriously mean it – the campaign is heavily funded by them and help perfectioned by Meituan, Expats Express and ProExpo, therefore, you get the premium accommodation plus the ultimate fun in a very budget package!

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Editions of the Festival were just amazing! More than 1000 foreigners participated and had much fun. Our stay in premium hotels, making new friends, enjoying the pool party, Bikini color run, EDM Music Concert and other activities were just a plus to the good moments of the festival. As promised, the 4th Hainan International Youth Festival is happening! This year we will still go HIGHER with more surprises!

The Hainan International Youth Festival-3rd edition features premium accommodation , Pool Party & International Youth Water Sports, Ocean Bubble Colour Run, Beach Water Carnival, International EDM Festival, Hainan attractions, EDM Music Festival, Daidai IslandWater Carnival and more surprises, starts on 6 Dec and ends on 8 Dec. All-in-one package for just ¥600. As you may not know that it would be ¥2399 without the government's fund! The deadline for booking the ticket is this week!
Schedule & Activities
6 Dec. Friday (Daytime): Arrive Hainan & Check In!
After arriving at the Lingshui 陵水 railway station, a team will be there waiting to welcome you. Our Staff and volunteers will be waiting to welcome you at the station and guide you. Please make sure you reach Lingshui before 3PM.
6 Dec. Friday (Evening): Swimming Pool Party
Swim with your friends and dance while the DJ is playing the musics. Enjoy all the water activities available at new Hainan Ocean Paradise Resort. Have fun with water games and win prizes. Pool Party, water tearing famous brands, water relay, water tug-of-war contest and many other water related activities without forgetting the best sound of beat from our Djs all will be ready for the ice breaking night of the event. Make it memorable by taking pictures.
7 Dec. (Morning): Ocean Bubble Color Run
Enjoy a yummy and consistent breakfast from hotels then get your bikinis and mankinis ready for:
@ Ocean Beach Color Run
Sunshine, Sea, Beach, Sand, Color, the best Age, best moments, full vitality unlimited youth; this is where the Festival official opening ceremonies will take place with government officials and sponsors.
Let's run, play with colors, wet each other and enjoy the good vibes from the Djs while taking best and crazy photos for these unforgettable memories.
7 Dec. (Afternoon)- Beach Water Carnival
As we can never get done with the Beach and good weather while escaping the cold winter from mainland, many more activities will be on the menu such as:
water splash, beach football, beach volleyball and many other games.

This event would take just 2 hours so that we can go back, have dinner and get ourselves ready for the biggest event of the day: @International Beach EDM Festival
7 Dec. (Evening)- International EDM Festival
After the opening message, let's first enjoy the Lingshui local lights display.

Then let's welcome the line up of artists and Djs ready only for you to guarantee the best of entertainments.

Enjoy music, enjoy a fresh beer, put your hands up and make great moves following to the great vibes from the beat.

@11 PM our coaches will be waiting for us then take us back to our Hotel for the best Parte after Parteeee after Parteeee after Parteeee.
8 Dec. Sunday (Morning)- Chilling at the beach
Enjoy again and again a good breakfast then put back your bikinis and mankinis for the best morning on the beach. Break the rules, do yourself, enjoy sunbathing, play music and take your time to say goodbye to the best 3 days of the year.

@Agile Clearwater Bay Resorts

Check-out from Hotel rooms before 12 then let the coaches send us back to Lingshui station when the whole Lingshui story began.

8 Dec. Sunday (Afternoon)- Go Back Home
*Pls note that the organizer might have minor changes to the program.
Where are we sleeping? Find more details below.
Hainan Water Bay Lontown Resorts

Hainan Water Bay Holiday Inn Resort

Hainan Water Bay Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

*Everyone lives in double rooms so make sure u take ur friend or girlfriend with u ;)
Hainan Province Lingshui County New Village

Agile Clear water Bay – Among the best beach in Hainan
You may not realize it, but basically you are being paid to party!!
Items (per person) - Average Cost/RMB
Daily Transportation - 200
Daily Food (3days) - 250
Standard 5 Star Hotel (2 Nights) - 700
Swimming Pool Party - 200
Color Run Activity - 100
EDM Music Concert - 150
Beach Water Carnival - 150
Given Accessories - 150
Free drinks (limited) - 100
Management Cost - 100
Average Total Cost - 2400
You are paying ONLY - 6
If u or ur children are less than 15 yrs - 250

Why is ticket so cheap?
Hainan Government wants to promote the Lingshui local tourism internationally and the campaign is heavily funded by them and direct partnership with Meituan, ProExpo and Expats Express.
Therefore, you get the premium accommodation plus the ultimate fun in a very budget package!
*Pls note: once you transfer the money for the ticket, the ticket is non-refundable.

Lovers of discounts we have also thought of you:
For each group of 5 people registering together there is one free ticket.

P.S: Remember to book your flights tickets before they go expensive.

What is included in the ticket?
The ticket (Full Ticket Package) includes:

  1. Premium Hotel Accommodation
  2. Meals & Drinks
  3. Pool Party & Water Activities @ Atlantis Hotel, Sanya
  4. International EDM Festival
  5. Ocean Bubble Color Run
  6. Beach Water Carnival & Beach Sports
  7. Tourist Attractions
  8. VIP air-conditioned local transportation
Why is the ticket so cheap?
Hainan Government wants to promote the Lingshui local tourism internationally and the campaign is heavily funded by them and direct partnership with Meituan and Expats Express.

Therefore, you get the premium accommodation plus the ultimate fun in a very budget package!

Is the air ticket included in this ticket?
No, it is not. You have to arrange for your flight by yourself. Local transportation will be provided as from Lingshui train station. After the festival, you will be dropped back to Lingshui train station.

Make sure you book you flight and train ticket accordingly!
I'm not in Hainan. How can I find the cheapest flight to Hainan?
Hainan Island has two main airports in Haikou 海口 and Sanya 三亚. Normally, tickets to Haikou are cheaper, and if you order a round-trip, a return ticket can be free.

From Guangzhou you can also take a bus to Haikou. Tickets cost about 200 yuan.

The price for the air ticket to Hainan depends on where you live. You will likely to get a better deal if the place you live is a big city and close to Hainan. The average air ticket price (flying from cities like Shanghai and Beijing) can range from 1,000-1,100 RMB.
What hotel am I staying?
You will stay in standard 5-star hotel. There are three different hotel available.

  1. Hainan Water Bay Lontown Resorts
  2. Hainan Water Bay Holiday Inn Resort
  3. Hainan Water Bay Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
All hotels are of the same standard.

In any case of rooms unavailability in the mentioned hotels due to hotel meetings, government activities,etc… We will arrange other rooms according to the same standards or above,Thanks for understanding.
Which airport in Hainan should I land?
You may want to land at Haikou airport. It will take about 3 hours from the airport to Lingshui. (Around 80 RMB/person single way).

Sanya airport is another option.