see you in yiwu!
Free tour to Yiwu
in April
An unprecedented compensation program for visiting the world's largest consumer goods market in Yiwu.
Do not miss the chance to find the latest popular products at the best prices. Find business partners and new friends.
Also get CASH bonus;)


English name: Yiwu International Trade City
Chinese name: 义乌福田国际商贸城

Futien Market is the largest global and Chinese marketplace for the sale of consumer goods, as noted in the Guinness Book of Records.
More than 75 thousand showrooms are located on 5 floors in 5 buildings of Yiwu International Trade City, where products from all over China are presented.
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Compensation program
Free transport:
A) Roundtrip flight ticket from Guangzhou plus high-speed train tickets 2nd class from:

B) Roundtrip 2nd class high-speed train from:
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang (except Yiwu)

C) One way plane ticket or high speed train 2nd class from any city of China
Hotel and meals
2 nights at a 3-4* hotel in Yiwu. Single Room. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or food coupons.
Cash bonus
Cash bonus will be transferred to you after taking part in the program
You can join, if:
You are NOT living in Yiwu or Jinhua
You arrived to China 16 days before the tour date
You are NOT from the following countries:
Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan
You are 18 or older, your visa is NOT student visa
You have NOT taken part in this program in March 2020
Brief program
Day 1
Arrive to Yiwu and check in hotel before 10 pm
Day 2
Free visiting of Futian market
Day 3
Checking out of hotel before 12 at noon and going back home.
See you in our next business trip!
Best Western Ocean Premier Hotel
Yiwu Shangcheng Hotel
Which hotel will we stay?
Best Western Ocean Premier Hotel 4*
Single room
Breakfast included
*Due to the large number of participants, accommodation in other hotel of the same level is possible
Yiwu Shangcheng Hotel 4*
Single room
Breakfast included
*Due to the large number of participants, accommodation in other hotel of the same level is possible
Futian 福田 market nearby
How was the tour?
March 13-15th and 16-18th more than 80 people already took part. Don't miss your chance to join the quota;)
Why should I upload my passport?
A hotel is booked for each participant, transport is compensated. For this you need passport data. A visa is needed to confirm the corresponding status of the participant. Currently, participants with student visa cannot participate. Entry stamp to China allows us to confirm compliance of the participant with a 16-day limit from the date of the last entry into China.
Why is everything free?
Local authorities of different regions in China together with us are interested in promoting their producers and raising the export. That's why we organize fairs and provide budget for attracting of foreign buyers. We use the budget to cover your hotel expenses, transportation, meals and/or provide you cash subsidy, in order to create comfortable conditions for attending a fair.
    Are there any hidden charges or extra expenses?
    Nope. All of your extra expenses are only related with your personal interests, for instance, sightseeing, visiting bars, clubs, etc.
      Do I have to buy anything at the fair?
        Will I have to go to quarantine in my city after I come back from Yiwu?
        At the moment, only those who fly to China from abroad are sent to 14-day quarantine. Movement from your city to Yiwu and back is not a quarantine case. Otherwise, this program would not be possible.
        How does compensation procedure work?
        If you are from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou or another city of Guangdong, an airplane will be booked for you from Guangzhou to Yiwu and back. Tickets for a high-speed train 2nd class to Guangzhou from Shenzhen, Huizhou or another city of Guangdong are bought by yourself, compensation is made in Yiwu, upon presenting the paper tickets. We transfer cash bonus to your wechat, alipay, chinese bank card within 1-10 days after the tour.

        If you are from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu. You buy tickets for 2nd class high-speed train to Yiwu and back by yourself. Recommended time will be published in the group. Compensation of high-speed trains will be made in Yiwu during checking out from the hotel on the last day of the program upon presenting paper tickets. We transfer cash bonus to your wechat, alipay, chinese bank card within 1-10 days after the tour.
        What is cash subsidy/bonus?
        The amount of money that we pay you within 1-10 days after the exhibition / tour for participation in our group. We transfer the cash subsidy to your wechat, Alipay, bank card.
        I want to go. What should I do?
        1) Press button REGISTER NOW

        2) Fill out the form

        3) Transfer 100 RMB deposit to our Wechat or Alipay
        *Deposit will be returned after your participation in the program..

        4) We add you to the wechat group where you can see further updates
        Why should I pay deposit?
        Deposit needs to be paid only for the programs with free hotel. The hotel is booked for the whole group with a discount, therefore, the booking is nonrefundable. We require the deposit in order to distinguish the people, who are really planning to go, from those who are not sure, in order to decrease the probability of loosing the booking. Usually, it's 100 CNY per person. The deposit is returned after your participation in the fair. If you don't come to the expo, you won't get the deposit back.
        Can I refund my deposit in case I won't come?
        Unfortunately not. As far as hotels don't refund the booking fees, if you don't check in, your deposit will be used to compensate part of our loss, that company bears in case a participant doesn't show up.
        Will I get my deposit back, if the expo doesn't confirm my participation?
        If, for some reason, you will be not allowed to participate, we will return your deposit immediately.