see you in Suining, sichuan!
Free tour to
Suining 遂宁,Sichuan Province, March
An unprecedented compensation program for visiting China famous production base in Suining, Sichuan.
Do not miss the chance to find the latest popular products at the best prices.
Only reliable Chinese suppliers.
Find business partners and new friends.
Also get CASH bonus;)

Detailed product list:
For crushing materials in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, mine, coal
Petrochemical, oil and gas field development, marine ships, biopharmaceuticals, chemical production, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment and pump valves

Aerospace, subways, large power stations, power systems, metallurgy, military industry, civil electrical appliances, electronics, communications, and chemicals


Chemical and environmental protection industries, such as ammonia synthesis plant, hydrogen production plant, oil refining plant, methanol synthesis plant, nitric acid tail gas treatment plant, detoxification purification plant

Communications, electronics, electricity, computers, medical equipment, instrumentation, national defense and military industry, aerospace
LCD TV, Notebook monitor

Auto parts, mechanical parts, medical and health facilities, household appliances, electronic equipment

Lighting, switching power supplies, smart phones, urban monitoring, electrical protection, household appliances, LED power drivers, chargers, various meters

Machinery, metallurgy, electronics, micro-drilling, aerospace and military industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, petroleum exploration, molds



Suining City is located in Sichuan Province. Only around 1 hour by train from Chengdu (成都) or Chongqing (重庆)

Compensation program
Free transport:
Roundtrip high-speed train tickets 2nd class to Suining compensation up to 1000 rmb
Taxi cost from railway station to hotel, and from hotel to railway station
Hotel and meals
FREE 2 nights at a 4-5 star hotel. Double Room.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner all included and FREE.
Cash bonus
Cash bonus 300 rmb will be transferred to you after taking part in the program
Nucleic Acid Test Fee
We will cover the cost of Nucleic Acid Test up to 100 rmb, pls provide receipt
You can join event, if:
You are in China, your age is 24 or older
You are from the following countries:
Any country
Any visa

You will need to provide 48hrs nucleic acid test results, green travel code
Brief program
Day 1
Arrive to Suining. Check in hotel.
Day 2
Attend expo and business meeting.
Day 3
Check out and go home. See u next event.
How was it before?
We have already arranged more than 900 free business trips in China. Don't miss your chance to join the limited offer event and bring your friend;)
Why should I upload my passport?
A hotel is booked for each participant, transport is compensated. For this you need to provide passport data.
Why is everything free?
Local authorities of different regions in China together with us are interested in promoting their producers and raising the export. That's why we organize fairs and provide budget for attracting of foreign buyers. We use the budget to cover your hotel expenses, transportation, meals and/or provide you cash subsidy, in order to create comfortable conditions for attending a fair.
    Are there any hidden charges or extra expenses?
    Nope. All of your extra expenses are only related with your personal interests, for instance, sightseeing, visiting bars, clubs, etc.
      Do I have to buy anything at the fair?
        What is cash subsidy/bonus?
        The amount of money that we pay you within 1-10 days after the exhibition / tour for participation in our group. We transfer the cash subsidy to your wechat, Alipay, bank card.
        I want to go. What should I do?
        1) Press button REGISTER NOW

        2) Fill out the form

        3) We add you to the wechat group where you can see further updates