Online Plastic Machinery
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June, 27th
start at ~14/15:00 Beijing Time
Detailed product list:
15000 bottles/hour filling production equipment All kinds of plastic machinery, including: plastic granulator, waste plastic recycling equipment, extruder, etc.
Beer, soft drinks, juice, water, wine and other liquid beverage filling line equipment
Beverage line filling equipment Dehumidification and drying system Beverage machinery, packaging machinery Blow Molding Machine, Blow Mold, Injection Mold CNC machine tools, generators, agricultural machinery, etc.
Extruders, extrusion lines and auxiliary machines. Extrusion Blow Molding Machine / Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, elastomer, engineering plastic modification, degradable plastic, PVC cable material and other special fields
Hot melt welding machine for cutting and welding PP PPR and other plastic pipes
Infrared crystallization dryer, PP ton bag/PE film/agricultural film crushing, cleaning, squeezing and granulating production line, PET bottle crushing and cleaning production line, waste household appliance crushing and cleaning production line, large crusher, single-shaft shredder, double-shaft shredder Crusher, film extrusion drying granulator
Injection molding machine, mold Juice beverage machinery and equipment, carbonated carbonated beverage filling production line, pure water filling production line,
Daily chemical filling line, water purification system
Laboratory extrusion equipment Liquid packaging equipment (mineral water, juice, beer, carbonated drinks)
Machines to produce plastic bottles, plastic barrels, plastic tables and chairs, plastic auto parts and other hollow blow molding products
Packaging Machinery and Industrial Blades Paper stalk making machine, paper stalk packaging machine, slitting machine
plastic extruder Plastic granulation production line
Plastic cleaning line plastic granulator Plastic PE/PPR/PVC Pipe Production Line, Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line, Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Line,
Plastic Shredder, Crusher
Plastic pipe, profile extrusion line, extruder, vacuum forming box, tractor, cutting machine, plastic recycling equipment, shredder
Plastic recycling equipment, plastic granulators, shredders and crushers and plastic auxiliary machines
Plastic Recycling Washing Line, Pelletizing Line Plastic sheet and profile extrusion equipment Production equipment for SPC floors, PVC pipes, plates and other products (powder and granule mixing, metering, and conveying production lines)
Professional manufacturer of complete sets of plastic machinery: PVC, PE, PPR pipe production line, PE, PVC, PP wood plastic profile production line
pulverizer, mixer, eps foam recycling machine, plastic recycling machine
Pulverizers, mixers, plastic recycling machines Recycling granulation, filling modification This production line can extrude 3D printing silk consumables made of plastic materials such as PLA, ABS, and the silk can be used for 3D printing
Used to recycle all kinds of waste plastics water filling machine
Age 23+
Participants only from:
Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russla
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
North/South/Central America
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