Free Business Trip to Hong Kong Jewellery Show
Cash Bonus | Networking | Travel
March 1st
~9:00-17:00 China Time
Wanchai Expo Center, Hong Kong
  • 45000 SQM

  • 2000+

  • 60000+

  1. Wide Product Range: Access to a diverse array of jewelry, from luxury to affordable pieces, catering to various market segments.

  2. Networking: Opportunities to connect with industry leaders, designers, and other buyers, which can lead to future collaborations and insights.

  3. Trend Insights: Exposure to the latest trends and innovations in the jewelry industry.

  4. Educational Value: Seminars and workshops that provide valuable knowledge and skill development.

  5. Direct Supplier Contact: Opportunities to meet directly with suppliers and manufacturers for better pricing and understanding of products.
7 Reasons to join this event with us
  • 1
    Free VIP entry badge
    With this badge you can access special VIP lounge areas
  • 2
    Free Bus
    We provide free bus from Guangzhou/Shenzhen and back
  • 3
    Lunch Voucher
    100 HKD business lunch voucher will be given to you during visit
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    Access to our business community
    Once you join any event with us - you will get an access to special offers we don't announce to public. Only inside our community;)
  • 5
    Business trip with us is a great opportunity to meet new friends or potential partners from related industries. Find new/trending or popular items first and bring to your home market.
  • 6
    Cash Bonus
    Cash bonus will be given to you same day after expo in cash or to your wechat, аlipay
  • 7
    Travel and Fun
    It is a great opportunity to explore new places and enjoy local culture, food and leisure.
Age 25+
Participants from any country, who don't need visa to go to HK

The list of countries that require visa to enter HK can be checked here
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We have already arranged more than 900 free business trips in Dubai, China, Hong Kong, South Korea. Don't miss your chance to join the limited offer event and bring your friends;)
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Visiting Day
You go with us by free bus from Guangzhou, Shenzhen or join in HK. Attend expo for 2-3 hrs, meet top suppliers and can be free
Getting Bonus
We will provide free VIP entry ticket. For joining expo trip we will give you cash bonus same day.
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