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December, 13th
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Industrial blades, knives, industrial machinery parts, hardware tools High precision products in metal and plastic generators, pumps, mini-tiller, sprayers, lathes, grinders and spare parts and other products hand tools、industrial machinery gear、various industrial bearing、industrial air filter、industrial fuel filter integrated motor
motor controller SILICONE COATED FABRIC High tensile bolts Slewing Bearing/Gear/Ring Triple-phase asynchronous motor TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BLADE Stepper motor ;Brushless dc motor high speed nail machine Forgings, Machining Parts Screen Printing Machines Torque sensor、Motor test bench、Reducer test bench、Actuator test bench、Engine test bench、Drill pipe test bench press brake, shearing machine, power press, duct machines, blades and moulds etc. hydraulic power unit,hydraullic cylinder roller chain,bearing,ball bearing,tapered roller bearing refrigeration units, refrigeration compressors, shell and tube heat exchangers Magnetic jack Hydraulic Cylinder, Dumper Truck Hydraulic Cylinder, Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinder, Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic System, Mining Hydraulic Cylinder, Oil Cylinder, Telescopic Front End Hydraulic Cylinder, Side Turn Cylinder, Agriculture Hydraulic Cylinder LOADINGA ARM, INTERNAL FLOATING ROOF, DOME ROOF, FOLDING STAIR, LOADING CONTROL SYSTEM Powder metallurgy parts, couplings, bearings, gears, auto parts, motor parts, equipment wear parts Company's main products are: All kinds of gear box for host plant supporting gear andtransmission parts. Especially suitable for mass production of modulus of 0.8 to 6straight gear, bevel gear, the inner gear ring and cone type (umbrella) gear, gearaccuracy from the standard 5-8 level. Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Agricultural Hub、Pneumatic Actuator、Steel balls and plastic balls、Rollers,needles and pins、ball transfer units、universal joint、drive shaft、Agricultural machinery bearings Brush DC Motor
Brushless DC Motor
Geared Motor needle roller bearing,needle roller SLEWING BEARING
SLEWING DRIVE Nitrogen generator, oxygen generator CNC MACHINING FOR NON STANDARD PARTS (Aluminium, stainless,copper, iron, plastic) Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheel Welding Manipulator
Welding Rotator
Welding Positioner Remote control limited space working machine Our main products:
1.Recycling: includes washing and palletizing production line. The maximum output of PET washing line is 6 tons per hour. Our products have covered America, Russia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa etc.
2.Extrusion: includes pipe extrusion, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, and wood plastic extrusion. The pipe extrusion line is our feature product and it has the advantage of high efficiency and energy saving (For instance: PE pipe production line 5 kg / kw) Die casting &Investment Casting metal products Dehumidification and drying feeding system Pressure gauge movement, pressureg gauge, thermometer 1.Suspended Platform/gondola
2. Hoist banbury mixer、mixing mill、calender、Kneader、strainer、mixer、packing straps production line、 pipe production line welding parts Magnet drive gear pump CNC Machining Parts、die casting Parts、Metal Spinning Parts 1. Servo Press 2.CNC Turret Punch 3. CNC Bending Machine 4. CNC Shearing Machine 5. Laser Cutting Machine H beam production line, fiber laser cutting machine 1.Seamless rolled ring
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